Meet the Characters

This is a very incomplete list of some of the characters you will meet in the pages of Quirk. We'll update this page as the new series continues.

QUIRK: First Apperance: Quirk Vol. 1, #1. He's cynical, mean-spirited, self-centered and arrogant. He's got a nose worse than Man-Thing's! He's Quirk!

 SLUDGE: First Apperance: Quirk Vol. 1, #1. Sole survivor of the disgustingly moist planet GRUNDGE, Sludge likes humid weather best because it keeps him nice and pliable. Easily the most amiable soul on board the Frigid, Sludge's favorite pasttimes are reading and drinking hot mud.

SMITH: First Apperance: Quirk Vol. 1, #1. He wants fun and he wants it now. He wants it in large quantities and without too much subtlety. After failing at pilot school and everything else in life, Smith became despondent. Quite by accident, Quirk, Sludge and Carpy rescued him during a suicide attempt, and they have been stuck with him ever since,

CARPY: First Apperance: Quirk Vol. 1, #1. The unique winged computer who originally stole the Frigid to escape a life of chartered accountancy. Carpy's control over the Frigid and the extent to which he/she manipulates events on board is still in question.

THE FIGUREHEAD: First Apperance: Quirk serial #91. A bizarre concrete animatron in the shape of an Easter Island Moais who functions as CEO of Lockhead Dynamics. Who is behind The Figurehead this week? And where will it strike next?

MR. LOCK: First Apperance: Quirk serial #76. Super-powerful suited corporate android with a taste for forclosures. Destroyed in episode #105... but as his head has been shown to be interchangeable it's quite likely that there are more of him about.

The DALAI DADA: First appearance: Quirk serial #113. The Artmeister of the Spaceways, dedicated to spreading confusion and diffusion throught the multiverse in the name of Art.

THE OLD PROSPECTOR: Apparently a prisoner in Cowboy Land's minumum security jail, this grizzled old fellow is actually the town manager, working behind the scenes to keep the resort functioning properly. 

NOCTURNE: First appearance: Quirk serial #131. A corporate assassin dispatched to deal with the crew of the Frigid, this Mysterious Lady had her brains scrambled by the Dalai Dada, so who in heck knows what she could do next?

DR. SILENCE: First appearance: Quirk serial #101. A research scientist in the employ of Lockhead Dynamics. His story has only begun to be told. 

KITTANA: First appearance: Quirk serial #131. Kosmically aware kung-fu Quat Sorceress.

WINSTON SCHMUTZ: First appearance: Quirk serial #1. Dimunitive master of the gaming planet RYSK, a mass-murderer who liked nothing better than to fry the losers of his games. Regrettably (?) killed in the destruction of his man-made planet.

MAX-OR: First Apperance: Quirk Vol. 1, #2. He's not evil, just misguided. Unfortunately he's also a powerhouse whose style is to hit things first and ask questions later. Hailing from a long line of Clowns, Max fought for six days and six nights against a robotic opponent to save the lives of his family. He lost that fight, and now blames Quirk for the subsequent slaughter of his loved ones. Presumed dead in the explosion of the Gaming Station Rysk.

POLLY: First Apperance: Quirk Vol. 1, #2. Creator and leader of The Humor Agency, her face forever hidden under a happy theatrical mask, Polly is the deadliest and most elusive of the Sombra Cult's enemies -- and the sort of political leader whose motivations are not entirely to be trusted. Nonetheless, she has captured the hearts of both Max-Or and Quirk. Go figure.
THE DREAMER: First appearance: Quirk Vol. 1 #3. Bodiless alien lifeform which briefly possessed Quirk in an effort to become a Real Boy. Realized the error of its ways and flew off, never to be heard from again. 
POX: First appearance: Quirk Vol. 1 #2. Sorceror acolyte to Sombra Cult leader BROTHER POWER (now deceased), it is not clear whether he is a strange little man with unknown and uncharted powers, or a force of nature. Still out there somewhere. (c.f. "The Day of The Dreamer," "The Humor Agency."

MALADY GRIEF: One of the Amazon Cowboys of Cowboy Land.

JUDGE ROYLENE BEAN: Real name unknown. Formerly mid-management for a media subsiary of Lockhead Dynamics, now retired. Was living as the self-styled monarch of Cowboy Land until Quirk ran her out of town (see "Planet of the Amazon Cowboys.")