A QUIRK Lexicon of sorts

Lockhead Dynamics
The Evil Corporation (and, really, aren't they all?) that was the original owner of both Carpy and The Frigid.

The Frigid
Quirk's extra-dimensional ex-spaceship. Never needs fuel, which is really convenient. Covers vast distances in really improbably rapid time. Everyone ought to have one like it. UPDATE: Now reposessed by Lockhead Dynamics and presumed destroyed. No, scratch that. It is destroyed. You won't be seeing it again. It's kicked the bucket, run down the curtain, and... oh, you get the idea.

Quirk's uniform, equipped with life support functions as well as miniaturized hydraulics to absorb damage and give the boy a fair amount of strength and vitality. Without it, Quirk would quickly perish.

A pocket universe created by the Dalai Dada, which travels with him and, in part, supports his existence. Constantly growing with daily additions and inventions. The Dalai Dada hopes that it will one day become big enough to engulf the Multiverse, but he's got a lot of building to do before THAT can happen...

Device created by the Dalai Dada to beam disorienting art directly into the cerebral cortex of our brains. UPDATE: Tested once, in Quirk serial #133. It seems to have had little effect on Kittana, one of the unknowing subjects, but rumor has it that Nocturne, the only other test subject, was badly scrambled by the incident.

The entire planet sold out to Lockhead Dynamics in the mid-1990s (see QUIRK Vol. 2: "Planet of the Amazon Cowboys" for details) and turned into a theme park divided into Adventure lands frozen in time. Following the repossession of The FrigidQuirk, Sludge and Smith (sans Carpy) have been stranded here, and are presumably trying to find their way to an area that's sufficiently advanced to posess space travel...

Cowboy Land
The first of Earth's Adventure Lands that Quirk and his pals have visited...

Sombra Cult
First appearance: Quirk v1 #1. A faux religious cult that wants you -- and everyone else in the multiverse -- to get serious. Now. And you'd best keep your mouth shut about it and not complain, either.

The Humor Agency
A secret society of which Quirk was briefly a member -- against his better judgement -- which stands in direct opposition to the tenants of the Sombra Cult. Unfortunately they tend to do things like go into battle armed only with whoopie cushions and water pistols, and they would be offended if anyone suggested that they posed a SERIOUS threat to anyone...

The notorious Gaming Planet (actually a man-made satellite built by the late Winston Schmutz) where winners go to win big and losers go to die...

The Big Game
Rysk's biggest draw. Two people who really hate each other get to duke it out in each other's minds. The premise is that one or the other player must find and answer the Black Telephone in each round, but that's really just an excuse to justify whatever mayhem the opponents can devise.

A kind of spatial thermomiter that allows rooms inside the Frigid to be "unpacked" and expanded to any size desired by the crew.

Sludge's "disgustingly moist" home planet. Destroyed when a distant sun went supernova and dried up every thing on the planet's surface.

Home planet of Smith. Named for the unusual shape of its land masses. Supports a wide range of anthropomorhic life.

a noise frequently made by Quirk's nose.